Can I compliment on behalf of someone else?

A number of options are available to you:
Send an email detailing your compliment to
Send a member of staff a thank you card in the area where you are
Write to

Can I compliment on behalf of someone else?

Yes, please do. We advise that you do ask for that person’s consent before including any of their personal details.

How do I know if my compliment has been received?

All compliments are recorded on the IT system and are responded to on behalf of Abundant services via a letter or e-mail (so long as contact information has been provided).

Will my compliment be passed on to anyone else?

If your compliment also raises any concerns about the service that Abundant is providing then it may be passed to the Customer Advisory Liaison Service (CALS) for review. Compliments about a particular service or member of staff are also passed on to them.

Will my compliment be used for publicity?

Only if you have specified in your compliment that you are happy for the message to be used in Abundant wide literature then it may be sent out to staff on our screensavers, in our weekly or quarterly bulletins or publicised on our advertising boards.

I am happy for my compliment to be used in Abundant literature but I do not want my personal details to be included.

Personal details will never be included.

I have a concern I would like to raise, what is the best way to go about it?

If you or your relative/friend is still receiving care or service on one of the departments and you are dissatisfied with the service they are receiving, you are advised to speak to a qualified member of staff immediately. If you still feel concerned, you are advised to speak to a Director in the country you are in. Directors may not be available at all times and you may need to ask the nursing consultants to contact them for you.

How can CALS help me?

The job of the CALS Officers is to support the public. If you have any concerns they will be happy to look into them for you. They will liaise with the department and get back to you with a suitable solution and advice should you wish to pursue the matter further.

If I write a letter or send an e-mail to the CALS desk how do I know if it has been received?

Any e-mails or letters received are responded to straight away. The team with telephone the enquirer to let them know they have received the query and are working on it. If a contact number has not been supplied, the team will contact you via e-mail or letter.